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Directorial Work

Vic&Sade_2.0 (1)
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This is a recording of a radio play that I directed back in the fall of 2020 during the pandemic. The play is called Vic And Sade Discuss A Close Friendship by Paul Rhymer. Vic is played by Alexander Linn and Sade is played by Riley Nedder

This is a non-dialogue short film that I wrote and directed called Abigail

Abigail is played by Mary Mullane.

The shadow is played by Lauren Jannetti.

TW: The short covers the topics of depression and suicide. 

This is a short play that I wrote and directed called Homecoming. Homecoming is about a group of young black teenagers who have come back to the neighborhood they grew up in to find that things have changed. 

TW: The play covers an instance of extreme police brutality.

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