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Alex Jourdan is a New York City Scenic Designer from Brooklyn, NY. Alex served as the Black Theatre Coalition's Scenic Design Fellow for the past year. 


Alex has worked on numerous Broadway shows including Ain't No Mo' and Some Like It Hot: The Musical. He has worked for numerous Tony-winning scenic designers including: Derek McLane, Scott Pask and Christine Jones! 

Feel free to take a look at the Scenic Design pages for a more in-depth look at what Alex has done, as well as his current resume and some sample Stage Management paperwork! You can contact him at the bottom of the page. 

Black Lives Matter. Trans Lives Matter. 

My Story

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY where I spent the first 12 or so years of my life. I didn't grow up an artist but I found art at a sleepaway camp that I went to for three summers! During my first year at the sleepaway camp, I found an interest in film. During the 3 weeks we were away at camp, our class completed a very short sketch style short film. From there, I knew that I loved to create and I wanted to explore that even more. In my third year of camp, I actually directed my own short film. That cemented my love for art but I just needed a new environment to foster that love for art. 

I moved away from NYC to Stamford, CT where I attended a very small private Catholic high school where I found my love for theater, initially as a performer! It was there that I found my infatuation with theater as an art form. Over my years in high school, I started to experiment with other disciplines of theater, particularly the ones off the stage. I found an interest in directing and stage management, which carried me into college. 

I attended the University Of Rhode Island, initially as a major in Directing and Stage Management. I took my initial Introduction into Design courses. We studied costume design and that wasn't for me. Likewise, lighting design wasn't my thing as well. I don't even want to talk about sound design ever again. I have a deep respect for each of these disciplines but the vernacular of these aspects of theater did not speak to me. But scenic design struck me: everything about it makes sense to me. I had my version of the lightbulb going off. I immediately added scenic design to my degree and graduated in May of 2021. I have been a professional scenic designer ever since! 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(917) 266-3299

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